Saturday, April 24, 2010

Norman may have set the flight distance world record in India

Norman is flying to Shah Amanat International Chittagong Airport, Bangladesh today. This is a distance of 118 miles / 189 kilometers flying east. Norman flew into Kolkata, India, yesterday afternoon and in doing may have set a solo world distance record for an autogyro flight.  

"Norman Surplus being greated by the staff at Jamshedpur Airport, India before flying on to Kolkata (Cap. Karanveer Chauhan)
On arrival in Kolkata, he had flown 7,118 miles (11,455 kilometers) from his official departure point Larne N.Ireland. This is a longer distance than the previous record established in 2004 by the Global Eagle team who's "Total distance travelled since start: 10,480 km" / 6,511 miles. 

Norman disappears into a sea of onlookers!

He has also been nominated for another world record i.e. "Speed over a recognised course" - Larne, NI to Alexandria, Egypt - according to the Fédération Aéronautique International (FAI) who are overseeing his flight.  See FAI link for more 
Norman departs Jamshedpur for a date with history!
Photos by Cap. Karanveer Chauhan and Shalini Sharma.


  1. Gents, with all respect and admiration of Norm's adventure:
    Willy Ewig in MT-03 travelled for 12500 km around Australia in 2007.
    Thus Norman needs a couple more days to set a new world record :)

    Best of luck!


  2. Congratulations Norman on your two records. That's fantastic news.
    Safe flying today to Chittagong. Hope all goes well with Spot today.

  3. Wow, congratulations on the distance record! I hope the rest of the trip goes just as well, you're going to have a tremendous feeling of achievement when it's completed.

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  5. This is great news. And each mile he flies will reset the record! Wonderful photos of his reception at Jamshedpur, it looks like he had a lot of fans :-)
    A new country today and a change in course, southward, should make for some interesting posts over the next week. Well done Norman, a magnificent achievement!
    Happy landings :-)