Friday, April 23, 2010

Norman is off to Kolkata, India / some notes on his day to day activity

Norman is off to Kolkata, India also known as Calcutta his last stop before leaving India and entering Bangladesh and the Union of Myanmar previously known as Burma. This flight is about half what he flew yesterday and will be just over 140 miles / 225 kilometers. We understand that Indian national media will be there to see him off at Jamshedpur and some international media will be at Kolkata to greet him. Let us see what happens?

One follower asked some questions about some of Norman's day-to-day activity and here is the Q & A.

  • Where does he eat and sleep? - Norman eats and sleeps either in regular hotels or as a guest of a host if lucky. Hotels have varied greatly in price and quality as you can imagine.
  • Where does he do his laundry? - Laundry which is limited is done at the accommodation.
  • What type of fuel does the autogyro use? - It uses normal unleaded (95) or Avgas. There is a full range of information about Gyrox autogyro on the website 
  • How are pictures and blog entries etc. done? - Pictures are sent to the back up base by Norman or who ever else took Them. Blog etc. info is usually delivered by phone, text and some times email depending on access to latter or the time Norman has.  It is then written up at our base and posted on the blog, website, Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Have a good flight to Kolakta - nearly on the next leg of the trip now!

  2. Enjoy your flight to Kolkata Norman, I'm sure you will have a great day there, it is quite a cosmopolitan city where ancient and modern mix side by side. And the cuisine!! Fantastic :-)
    A couple of questions for the support team...
    Is there any news on why Norman had to put down in the countryside yesterday?
    The blog mentions that he is flying to Myanmar tomorrow, but is he still going via Dhaka in Bangla Desh first, which was on his original schedule?
    Cheers :-)
    Happy landings Norman :-)

  3. Norman will provide reports when he has the the time. He is going to Bangladesh. The initial entry in the blog gave the wrong impression. It has now been corrected