Thursday, April 22, 2010

Norman is flying to Jamshedpur Airport, Indian today.

Norman is flying to Jamshedpur Airport, India today. This is a distance from Raipur of just over 300 miles / 480 kilometers flying east. Norman will be flying over a mixture of high lush green forest and drier arid low lands. He will once again need to fly high to avoid the intense heat. This means he cannot fully enjoy the close views of the ground usually experienced by lower flying which autogyros excel at.  

As with his other flights through India he may see some localised forest fires. As he flew over them at over 6,000 feet / 2,000 meters in some cases he could clearly see the flames as they leaped high into the sky. At other times the strips of flame reminded him of lava flows. This brought to mined the erupting volcano in Iceland and the trouble travelers are having in Europe - but Norman flies on! Photo below for illustration purposes and not from Norman unfortunately - inflight photography has proved particularly difficult.


  1. A very interesting blog entry and forest fires was not a thing that came to mind when talking about what he would see when flying over India! It's strange to think that in the not too distant future he will be flying over glaciers!
    Have a great flight today Norman, the industrial city of Jamshedpur is going to be quite a contrast to Raipur, but I am sure you are used to seeing something different every day by now :-)
    Fair winds and happy landings :-)

  2. Why Norman was landing in the country!!!!!


  3. Looks like an unplanned landing on a 250 m straight section of a dirt road.
    Wish him to recover.

  4. Phew! He's away again!

  5. Courage and good luck for your fabulous trip.

    Dom gyro pilot in France