Saturday, April 24, 2010

Norman has arrived at Chittagon, Bangladesh

Norman has arrived at Shah Amanat International Airport, Chittagon, Bangladesh - 10.24.50 am (IST)


  1. Congratulations Norman on your flight across the whole of Bangla Desh and the mighty Ganges Delta. I bet you were glad to feel the sea breeze again after all those days crossing the Indian sub-continent in those searing temperatures!
    Anyway, time to update those record books again ;-) and I hope you have a great reception in your 14th country of the trip!
    Way to go my friend :-)

  2. Congratulations on your world record Norman!! Well done ! Looking forward to seeing part of your flight near Vancouver, B.C. Canada, but you have quite a bit more flying to do before that...keep 'er going....Cheers, Randy

  3. Another "DAY trip" completed and a fantastic world record for you Norman.
    Safe flying, kepp her lit as always.

  4. Good luck, my friend Norman. His friend Milton, Cascavel city, Paraná, Brazil.