Thursday, April 29, 2010

Norman is flying to Nongprue central Thailand today

Norman is flying to Nongprue Airport, Pattaya central Thailand today where he will be hosted by the Flying Club and will meet some local media.

There are two additions to the website which you may find useful.

'The time where Norman is now' - On the front page of the website there is a link to an interactive map which gives you the time in different places in the world if you just click on the location. From this you will be able to learn what time it is where Norman is.  He is six hours ahead at present!

'Normans route map' - In the 'Pictures' section of the website there is a link to an enlargeable map of the route Norman is taking across the world. This does not provide location names but does give a sense of where he is in the world and may encourage people to take out their atlases.

This is based on suggestions from followers so enjoy.

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  1. As ever Norman you are keeping us all glued to our PC's,laptops and iPhones with your flying and landings to you as you circle this big ball we all live on......