Monday, April 19, 2010

Norman immortalized in a newspaper cartoon because of flying ban

Norman has been immortalized in a newspaper (Belfast Telegraph) cartoon today.  As the rest of Europe and beyond is a no fly zone Norman flies on. The cartoon suggests if he was back at home in Northern Ireland he could offer his services to holiday makers wanting to head for the Mediterranean sun. This of course would be at a slower pace, one at a time with some stops in France or Italy - sounds good!


  1. Love the cartoon - you'd be amazed how quiet the skies are over London at the moment with no planes. You could probably do excellent business as an air taxi in the UK right now!

    SPOT tracking seems a bit intermittent today but you appear to be progressing well, keep it up.

  2. Keep on keeping on! On my recent visit to NYC, I was joined up with red silk suit from I will wear it in solidarity for safe passage across India. It got me home safe to Kansas :)