Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Norman is flying to Myanmar / Norman's actual safety monitoring system

Norman is flying to Yangon in the Union of Myanmar / Burma today - hurray!

Numerous followers have expressed concern about Norman's safety when they see the SPOT tracker disappear. In fact the SPOT GPS system is not directly linked to Norman's safety monitoring. While he would activate the SOS facility on the SPOT machine if needs be, he is not solely relying on this system. The SPOT was chiefly set up so that people on the various electronic fora can follow Norman's progress.

The real safety system as McMurdo FAST Finder Plus (with GPS) personal location beacon (PLB) beloved of long distance sailors and the like (photo of actual machine above). This is attached to his lifejacket which he always wears while flying - even over the desert!. In the event of real emergency this is the system that would be first and foremost used. This then sends a signal from anywhere in the world via satellite to the in Royal Air Force (RAF) Aeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre, Kinloss, Scotland. In addition a group of volunteers from Sky Watch Civil Air Patrol are also monitoring Norman.

By the way Norman put new batteries in to the SPOT so that everybody can keep an eye on him!


  1. A very interesting and informative blog entry. Thank you for this informmation, it does help us understand the anomalies we regurlarly see with 'spot' and this should put our collective mind at ease :-)
    Saying that, it was really great to see 'Spot' up and moving again, have a great flight today Norman, hope the weather is kind to you...Happy landings.

  2. Have a good flight to Myanmar today, you must be relieved to get going again. Had a chuckle at the "Chit-agong" gag from a poster on the last entry!

    Glad to hear a safety beacon is in place. It's amazing how the internet allows us all to follow your adventures almost down to the minute.

  3. Many thanks for the information and it's good to know that Norman is in safe hands. However human nature being what it is I'm sure that everytime SPOT doesn't move for an hour or two there will still be some anxious feelings. I know I was really pleased to see that Norman had landed safely in Rangoon today after SPOT hadn't send out a signal for over an hour.