Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some thoughts about flying an autogyro over water

Norman is in Crete today Saturday and will be flying to Alexandria, Egypt Monday (5 April 2010). Some people have asked questions about flying an autogyro over water and the related issues. I have rationalised the water flying in a number of ways - yesterdays flight for example was a straight run from Kithera Island to Sitia in Crete. I looked at the route and considered (as anyone would, the overland route down the whole length of Crete) however on the day, the seabreeze(!) was a good 20-25knt tailwind (I am happy to report!) it mean't I was achieving 126mph at times for an IAS of 90-95 mph. 

Over the sea, this air was stable and smooth - only the white wave caps below gave an indication of the wind strength - Force 4-5 (and the Groundspeed on the GPS of course!) - the same wind conditions over the undulating landmass of Crete would have been a far bumpier prospect with wind rotor over the backs of hills and general turbulence mixed in with a good dose of thermals from the hot afternoon surfaces.

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  1. Very interesting stuff about the contrast between flying over land and water. With decent emergency equipment and a GPS it does look as if your chances of being picked up are pretty decent if you take an unexpected bath!

    Does the temperature at cruising height vary much compared with that at ground level? I'm guessing there must be some wind chill (especially if you're tootling along at over 100mph) and the Ursuit must help with that.

  2. Joyful fetes of paques and in Monday to follow you towards Africa


  3. Norman it is exciting every day to follow your adventure on Spot GPS. I also look up the locations in Google pictures to see what it is like where you travel. It has also been interesting learning about gyrocopters. Have a safe flight Monday over the Mediterranean. What an adventure!
    Jim Cook (Vancouver BC Canada)

  4. Norman, its Kevin here, who flew with kai the day we sent you off over the cliffs of Dover. Following your every move with a touch of envy! Im hopefully doing my GFT next Sunday so fingers crossed. Keep safe and well...cheers kevin