Thursday, April 15, 2010

Norman has landed in Oman

Norman has landed at Al Seeb International Airport in Oman after clearing the Hajar Mountains


  1. Nice flight Norman, can't wait to see any video you got flying through those mountains. It must be amazing to know that the water you have just flew over is the Indian Ocean! Next stop pakistan! Have a good night and hope you have a trouble free flight tomorrow.

  2. Congratulations on completing the Middle Eastern leg of the trip safely. Good luck for the next stage, I'm looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

  3. Great to see that you have landed safely in Oman. We are getting quite an education by following your flights, finding out new things about each country you fly through.
    Good luck for the next leg of your flight.

  4. Joseph Ferris, CushendallApril 15, 2010 at 7:01 PM

    Job well done Norman ... have a good rest and get mentally prepared for the big jump across to Pakistan tomorrow. I'll be with you in spirit all the way. 'Head down and batter on' but be safe.

  5. Eddie, Indian Ocean is a bit off Norms route. He flew over the Persian Gulf and skirted Gulf Of Oman/Arabian Sea on route to Al Seeb airport Oman.
    Hope you don't mind on the little bit of geography:)


  6. Looks OK for another good leg, is it Gwadar? Then maybe Karachi? Following wind, not sure about the viz. Best wishes. TR Kirk-B

  7. No problems Roger, but my 'poetic licence' was used in the same way you would say when looking over Galway bay on the west coast of Ireland that it is also part of the Atlantic ocean. In reality any large coastal sea/bay/gulf is actually a part of the larger ocean it borders. Even the North Sea is classed as an inlet of the Atlantic and my use of the Indian Ocean in the earlier post was mainly to convey the distance he has covered and the fact that he is now entering a completely different part of the world. I hope you can understand that although you are technically correct my post was in the spirit of romantic adventure. Cheers,

  8. hi Norman,
    well done on finishing your arabian adventure.
    Im sure flying through the mountains was quite and experience.
    great photo of the filling station - just missing a couple of camels to complete the picture.
    am sure you have sampled some great hospitality along the way.
    keep her lit!
    safe flying .
    best wishes
    Michael and Claire