Thursday, April 15, 2010

Norman is flying to Oman today

Norman is flying to Oman today, his last stop before he departs the Middle East. He intends to depart at approximately 8.00 (IST) but not directly from Abu Dhabi International Airport.  He plans to make a short flight of about 10 minutes to a local airfield for re-fueling and final checks before flying off to Oman.

His flight to Oman will be in a south easterly direction for about 216 miles / which will take about two hours 30 minutes.  He will need to cross the Hajar Mountains (Arabic: جبال الحجر) which run from the United Arab Emirates to the Omani coast.  They rise to 9,834 feet / 2,980 meters and present an interesting challenge as they are suceptable to low cloud. This may force Norman to land as an autogyro is not supposed to fly without sigh of ground.  He will try to negotiate them by using mountain passes / valleys following roads where he can land if needed.  Only an autogyro can do such landings because of its small size and low speed and is similar to what he had to do in the Saudi desert. Photo below shows the Hajjar Mountains rise behind Nakhal Fort.

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  1. Many thanks for the information. Sounds a challenging journey. We will be following it with interest. Good luck Norman.

  2. Have a great flight Norman, this leg appears to be the most spectacular yet since your time in the Middle East. I hope you have good weather and are able to enjoy the scenery through the mountains. Happy landings.

  3. Hope the flight to Oman goes well and you don't get caught out by clouds. The scenery sounds spectacular.