Saturday, April 10, 2010

Norman has landed safely in Taif, Saudi Arabia.

Norman has landed safely in Taif, Saudi Arabia. According to the Saudi Network Raif is Taif, with its deep rooted history that dated back to thousands of years is famous for its gardens and good quality agricultural production on top of which are grapes, pomegranates and honey (photo of its famous rose plantations below). The elevation of the city by about two thousand meters above sea level, makes it one of the important resorts in the Kingdom.   So Norman has landed in a 'land of milk and honey'.

It is also famous for historical features including the Souk (market) Okaz which played a distinguished role in the history of Arab poetry before Islam. The Souk was a forum for poetry debate in one of the richest era in the history of Arab literature and culture. Other important archaeological features in the city include many pre-Islamic fortifications, and Islamic mosques such as the Mosque of the Prophet's Companion (peace be upon him) Abdullah Ibin Abass.

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  1. Glad you got to Taif safely. The mountains looked spectacular and I imagine that the cooler temps at that altitude make a pleasant change from the last few days. Hope you get to meet up with some USAF personnel and have a great time while you are there.
    A little bit further on your journey, well done Norman, have a good night :-)

  2. Well done on making to Taif - isn't that getting on for a quarter of the journey done now? Amazing stuff!